Welcome to Angel's Funny Farm. Rescue and Foster Home for pets..       "We love you no matter your breed,,,,"
Our 501c3 has been filed, We are raising  monetary, funds for our spay & Neuter,  a new building, and property, for our rescue. To better serve our four legged , Babies. anything you can help with, is greatly appreciated. all donations can be sent thru Pay Pal or dropped off in person at 283 Shadow Lawn Lane , Pensacola, FL 32507 (we will give you a tax receipt) Volunteers. (you may fill out application at same address.) Thank you so much for all of your support. Please contact us for adoption information,, our ultimate goal is to find loving homes for  all the fur babies...                                                                                    WE also Help find lost pets. Look on my Face book page for more information. Please send a picture of your lost pet, to post, along with your contact information... We need help with blankets, Towels, and Bedding , shampoo, clippers, kennels, & pens,for the dogs, If your cleaning out your closets / Garages. Please think about us, (Clothes, Toys, Furniture, Vehicles Running or not. We sell them in our warehouse,) to support Angel's Funny Farm. DON'T FORGET TO HUG YOUR FUR BABIES TODAY!!!. 

As of September 1st 2016 we are accepting dogs of all ages and Breeds,.,(Pass the word along..Get involved)...The Love between a Dog and its owner goes both ways, They are your best friend unconditionally, They Love you no matter what, Please show your pet the same respect, Run with them, Fetch with them,  Play with them, They need. Love To.....




 Babies, Born 1-29-13, To Rocky and Baby Girl

                     And here comes YOTA...... Spoiled rotten, but a pretty good kid....Gives new meaning to .....".Yard Dog."..

 NU-NU's Babies.    DOB....8/4/11 , With a little therapy and lots of love, our little wheel chair baby is faster than the big dogs,,,,,,

We rescue unwanted, abused and abandoned pets.. Breed is not a factor...Pit bulls, Chows,  Heinz 57 . all breeds are welcomed and loved. Sharing the love,,,one pooch at a time!!!!

Phone:850-417-0371  Email:angelsfunnyfarm@yahoo.com